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Breastfeeding Mini sessions

Nursing sessions are near and dear to my heart, especially now that I am a nursing mama myself.

If you are passionate about breastfeeding your little one, and want photographs that preserve these special memories, then these sessions are for you!

Breastfeeding mini sessions $150+tax

Includes: a 30 minute in-home session, and 5 digital images with a print release.

The whole gallery of images can be bought after your session for $100+tax.

These sessions focus on mama and baby, but other immediate family members are welcome to be in photos too.

Backyard Summer Session

Backyard chalk- summer sessionA classic Florida summer, playing in the backyard with your siblings. Having fun with chalk, eating popsicles, and playing on a slip-n-slide! These times spent together with your family are where treasured memories are made.

A documentary photo session is for you as a parent, yes, but they are also for your kids. These sessions give your children photographs to look back on that show what their childhood was really like. There is nothing wrong with getting dressed up and taking a pretty portrait, but those photographs don’t show your day to day, real, honest life. They don’t show how your kids use to act, or the silly things they use to do, like making “clay” out of chalk, or coloring their doll with so much chalk that the water they were sitting in turned purple. These photographs give them a true glimpse into what their lives use to look like. They bring up precious memories, and they bring up good conversation reminiscing on the past.

Don’t wait until your lives are more put together, or you move into a bigger house. No, your family is not too crazy, or too boring.  I believe every person is inherently interesting, and valuable, and has a story to tell.  Would you give me the honor of telling your family’s story through a documentary photo session?  We all know that kids grow up fast, so don’t wait, book your summer session today by contacting me Here

PopsiclesMother and sonBubble- summer sessionBlowing bubblesChalkGetting DressedBackyard PlaySibling LoveSmell it!Go mom!PurpleMomDon't do it

Why Documentary Family Photography is so important.

“Although we’ve been led to believe that our fondest memories are made in the grand occasions of life, in reality, they happen when we pause in the ordinary, mundane moments of a busy day. The most meaningful life experiences don’t happen in the “when,” they happen in the “now.” This concept is not earth shattering, nor is it something you don’t already know. Yet we still continually put off the best aspects of living until the conditions are right.” – Rachel Macy Stafford ( Hands Free Life)

This quote really speaks to me because it is so true, and it applies to my vision as a photographer so much.  Yes wedding, and birthday photographs are important,and should absolutely be captured, but what about the rest of your life? Aren’t the days spent at home with your kids important too? What about the cuddles, and the laughter, that princess or superhero outfit your kid won’t take off?  My goal is to reveal to each family how important their day to day lives are. I want them to see the beauty in the mundane moments, and the chaos of raising kids.

Real life is messy, and lacks perfection, but isn’t that what makes it great? When you look back in 20 years when your kids are all grown, what are you going to want to remember? I want you to be able to look back and remember what made your children unique. I want your children to be able to look back and remember what it was like growing up, and to see how much they were loved by their family.

I invite you to be brave. Let me capture these everyday moments for your family! They are so special, no matter how crazy, imperfect, or boring they may seem to you. Your kids are only this age for so long! Don’t put it off any longer!  Even if your hesitant, message me here, we can set up a meeting, and talk over all your concerns. I will walk through everything with you, and we will do whatever works best for your family!  I take pride in getting to know each family I have the honor of photographing. My #1 goal is to create images that your family will cherish forever.

Great GrandmaA Day in the LifeDocumentary family photography Day in the Life-49Florida Heat- Documentary Family photographyGran-mommy Documentary Family PhotographyDresdners-34Documentary Family Photography

Abigail's Story.

Eduardo and Diana, have three children, Jeilany, Eduardo Jr, and Abigail. Abigail, age four, is their youngest. She was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June 2014. Abigail is a joyful, and brave little girl. She is always making those around her laugh and smile. She is positive, even through her all the adversity she has faced being sick. As I spent time with the Mayorga’s, I saw the hardship of having a child with cancer. They have to watch their child go through such painful treatment, and try to help her cope with any anxiety she may have about her treatment.  I also saw the happiness, not because she has cancer, but because they have chosen to smile and laugh and be joyful through this circumstance. My goal is to give people an intimate view of the reality of having a child with cancer, as well as, give encouragement to those walking through this journey of childhood cancer, too.At HomeLearning the alphabetThe Ugly IguanaCar Ride to SchoolSistersHopeTreatmentDescribe your overall journey of having a child with cancer.

It was a drastic change. I had to stop working. She was unable to go anywhere literally nowhere.  We would spend months at the hospital. The kids would feel abandoned. It’s mentally and physically exhausting. The last thing you imagine is to receive the news, let alone to have to watch your 3 year old endure so much pain. The only thing that has kept us strong is the way she is always positive and happy and crazy, it’s contagious. Now in this part of the treatment she gets to be a little bit more able to be free but still with the occasional hand washing.

Boys will be boysWild BarbieLong HoursPlay TimeTaco TimeDaddy's got youThe HospitalLaughterHorses and Play Dough


A day with the Hartley's

A few weeks ago I spent the day with the Hartley’s. They had their fourth baby in July. Their kids are so sweet. They spent the morning playing tennis. Then they spent some time at home, and most of the day at grandma, and grandpas house. Watching Delia, the oldest, hold the new little baby Madsen, was so sweet. She is such a natural with him. She will make a great mom some day.  I love the different interactions between family members. Having extended family adds a whole other element which I love.

I love spending an entire day with a family. It is such an honor to be allowed in someones home, to get to photograph real honest moments in their lives!  Hartley's-10Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family photographyHartley's-11 day in the lifeDocumentary PhotographyKids tennis day in the life session Shelby Truly PhotographyKids tennisat homeHartley's-24Hartley's-25Hartley's-26Hartley's-27Hartley's-28Hartley's-31Hartley's-33Hartley's-36Hartley's-41Hartley's-43Hartley's-45Hartley's-48Hartley's-46Hartley's-49Hartley's-52Hartley's-50Hartley's-54Hartley's-51Hartley's-56Hartley's-60Hartley's-64Hartley's-68Hartley's-71

A Saturday in the Life of the Shelley's

Day in the life sessions are so special. I love spending the day as apart of the family, tagging along, and capturing the family in their everyday life. These sessions are for families that want to be able to look back in the years to come, and remember what their life was really like, no posing, or faking anything, just life as is.

I had a great time with the Shelley’s. They are a very fun family. Between the coconut cracking, beach time, and just playing around the house, it was a blast to spend the day documenting their family.
Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family PhotographyShelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-2Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-3Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-4Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-5Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-6Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-7Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-8Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-10Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-12Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-9Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-11Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-13Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-14Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-15Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-16Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-17Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-18Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-19Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-20Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-21Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-23Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-24Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-27Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-28Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-29Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-26Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-30Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-31Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-33Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-32
Documentary family photography Day in the Life-40Documentary family photography Day in the Life-41Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-36Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-37Shelby Truly Photography Documentary family Photography-38Documentary family photography Day in the Life-45Documentary family photography Day in the Life-47Documentary family photography Day in the Life-49Documentary family photography Day in the Life-50Documentary family photography Day in the Life-51Documentary family photography Day in the Life-52Documentary family photography Day in the Life-53Documentary family photography Day in the Life-54
Documentary family photography Day in the Life-56Documentary family photography Day in the Life-58Documentary family photography Day in the Life-59Documentary family photography Day in the Life-60Documentary family photography Day in the Life-61Documentary family photography Day in the Life-62Documentary family photography Day in the Life-63

A Boy and His Gran-mommy

Here are some photos I took on our trip to see family in Jacksonville. We got to spend some time with Austin’s mom, also known as Gran-mommy, his sister Christi, and our nephew Jake.

jacksonville Gran-mommyGran-mommyGran-mommy bath timeGran-mommy family photoGran-mommy bath timeGran-mommy baby bathGran-mommy kidsGran-mommy family photographyGran-mommy silly family photoGran-mommy coffeejacksonville 2015-11 Gran-mommyGran-mommyjacksonville 2015-13 Gran-mommyGran-mommy play timeGran-mommyGran-mommyGran-mommy feeding babyjacksonville 2015-19 Gran-mommyjacksonville 2015-20 Gran-mommy

The Lawrence's | Documentary Photography

The more I have the opportunity to spend the day documenting peoples lives, the more I grow to love it. I love being allowed a glimpse into someone’s everyday. It is such an honor and privilege that people allow me to come into their home and capture the beauty of their lives. To them their life might seem redundant or boring. I hear it all the time, ” We’re boring.” or ” My house is a nightmare! Why would you want to photograph it??”  There is beauty in daily life, you may not see it in yours, but if you took a step back and really looked you would. The simple, the laughs, the smiles, being with your loved ones. These things are what matter in the long run.

A few weeks ago I spent half the day with my grandparents. I followed their saturday routine with them. It was fascinating. Every Saturday for a couple years now they have gone across the street to New Port cafe to eat breakfast. I didn’t know how popular they were until I went with them. I think everyone in the restaurant knew who they were.  After breakfast they went home to do their daily crossword puzzles, and watch tv. Later, we went to the barber to get papa’s haircut, then came home and ate lunch. I love spending time with my grandparents. It was even more interesting to see what a normal saturday morning looks like to them and to get to document it.

family photographyNewport Cafe, West Palm Beach Flgp-8gp-6gp-14gp-15crossword puzzlesgp-17