Day in the Life Photography

Full Day in the life Session 

$1500 Includes Digital Files with a Print Release

I spend the day documenting your family, from when you wake up in the morning, to when you put the kids to bed at night. If you need to go grocery shopping, or have to take your kid to dance lessons, I come with you! I want to photograph your family amidst all the chaos, and imperfection that is everyday life with kids.  Your day to day life is where the majority of your memories are made, so lets document it like we would weddings and birthdays. The goal of these sessions is capture the ever fleeting moments of your life that you will want to be able to look back and remember.  The benefit of a whole day in the life session is it allows your family to really relax and be themselves.

 Every family, every person is unique, and awesome in their own way, and that is worthy of being captured.

Preserve your family’s memories by booking your session HERE.

Albums and Prints are sold al la carte.

Day in the Life Session

4 Hour Storytelling Session

 $800 Includes Digital Files with a Print Release

These sessions are a glimpse into your life. If you want to experience documentary family photography, but you aren’t sure if you are quite ready to book a full day, this session is for you. These sessions are purely documentary, and work in the same way a Day in the Life would. They are just a smaller part of your day instead of  the whole day.

Preserve your family’s memories by booking your session HERE.

Albums and Prints are sold al la carte.

1 Hour Family Session 

 $450 Includes Digital Files with a Print Release 

This session gives you just a taste of what documentary family photography is all about. If you are looking for a few photographs of your family playing together, as well as a few portraits this is the session for you. For these session we do a few loose family portraits, and then we have an activity for your family to do together in order to capture your family interacting with one another.

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Albums and Prints are sold al la carte.


I am also available to photograph events such as birthday parties, baby showers, and family reunions.

After the Session

Within a month of your session (two weeks for a 1 hour session) I will post an online gallery of your images where they can be downloaded, and albums, and prints can be ordered al la carte.

I love custom designing photo albums for my clients. These sessions are all about telling your story. What better way to preserve your family’s story then a album? 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.