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Baby Garrett Fresh 48 Hospital Session

This little guy is baby number 7 for this family, ironically weighing 7lb 7 oz at birth.  When you put 10 kids, 4 adults, and a newborn in a hospital room, it is bound to be a little crazy, but the room was filled with so much love. It was so sweet to see each sibling, and cousin so excited to meet, and hold the newest addition to the family! 
Newborn in dads armsBig sister holding baby brotherFresh 48 hospital sessionsiblings with baby brotherBig sisterMom holding newbornBig sister pointing at babyNewborn toesFamily with newbornFamily in hospital roomBig broth loving baby brotherDad and daughterCousinsDad kissing newborn footParents and babyMom and dad kissing newbornNew babyHolding new babyExpecting a new little one? Interested in booking a fresh 48 session?

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Hospital  Midwife

Breastfeeding Baby #2

“Breastfeeding didn’t come easy to me. While pregnant, we made the decision to breastfeed our baby after attending a community child birth class despite both my husband and I coming from families that never did breastfeed. I didn’t do much preparing during the pregnancy because I was very focused on the birth. Thankfully I knew that if something did come up, that I could contact my local WIC office that provided free breastfeeding support to their clients. My baby boy was born and breastfeeding was hard and painful. I reached out to my WIC office and they provided me with the support of 2 wonderful women. One was a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and the other was a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and La Leche League Leader. Through them I found out my baby was tongue tied and that was the main source of my pain. With their support, I was able to overcome many obstacles in breastfeeding (I experienced quite a bit). They provided me the support when at times I wanted to give up. Through the many challenges I faced, I was able to do my own research and learned so much about breastfeeding. I started attending La Leche League (a worldwide non-profit support group for pregnant and breastfeeding moms) meetings and was able to connect and meet mothers going through the same journey as I was. By the time my first son self-weaned at 22 months (I once thought I would be lucky to reach 6 months!) I found myself being very passionate about breastfeeding and supporting other mothers that were going through the same challenges I faced. I wanted to “pay it forward” and give back the help I was given. A lot of the success in breastfeeding is the support the mother has around her. I volunteered as a WIC Peer Counselor after completing a training program and then later on became a La Leche League leader myself!

I recently had my second baby boy about 5 months ago. I experienced some difficulty breastfeeding him as well but this time I had the knowledge and support to help me through the bumps along the way. I love feeding my baby and the bond we have because of it. We nurse wherever my baby needs it. We’ve nursed at the park, church, the store, restaurants, and more! I love being able to normalize breastfeeding. It’s how babies have eaten since the beginning of humanity! I have been a La Leche League Leader for 2 years now and love to support and empower women to breastfeed their babies.”


Lake Worth Swap Shop

The Swap Shop of Lake Worth is home to a variety of activities and people, with an emphasis on Mexican culture. There is a drive in movie theater every night, and a flea market four days of the week. The drive-in theater provides the latest movies for families, and friends to enjoy. The flea market brings people of different cultures and backgrounds, selling a great variety of things from authentic Mexican food, fresh fruit, clothes, furniture, and even soap. I was drawn to this location because I wanted to capture this diversity in the people, activities, and things sold.Lake Worth Swap Shop Clothes TruckFlea Market Shelby Truly PhotographySwap Shop Yellow Dress Shelby Truly Photography5Lady in White Shelby Truly Photography6 Rain Rain Go Away Shelby Truly Photography7 Drive In Shelby Truly Photography7 No Animals Shelby Truly Photography8 The Saints Shelby Truly Photography10 No Place To Go Homeless

Photo Session Giveaway!

This October I am excited to have a booth at the Palm Beach Baby Shower Expo at the Mariott in West Palm Beach. It is going to be a great event for families with new little one’s on the way. I will be giving away a session at the Expo, but to get the excitement rolling, I am also giving away a session Now. Starting today and ending Friday, you could win a 90 minute family session with me including 1 8×10 Print and 10% all other products!

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