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Baby Garrett Fresh 48 Hospital Session

This little guy is baby number 7 for this family, ironically weighing 7lb 7 oz at birth.  When you put 10 kids, 4 adults, and a newborn in a hospital room, it is bound to be a little crazy, but the room was filled with so much love. It was so sweet to see each sibling, and cousin so excited to meet, and hold the newest addition to the family! 
Newborn in dads armsBig sister holding baby brotherFresh 48 hospital sessionsiblings with baby brotherBig sisterMom holding newbornBig sister pointing at babyNewborn toesFamily with newbornFamily in hospital roomBig broth loving baby brotherDad and daughterCousinsDad kissing newborn footParents and babyMom and dad kissing newbornNew babyHolding new babyExpecting a new little one? Interested in booking a fresh 48 session?

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Hospital  Midwife

Breastfeeding Mini sessions

Nursing sessions are near and dear to my heart, especially now that I am a nursing mama myself.

If you are passionate about breastfeeding your little one, and want photographs that preserve these special memories, then these sessions are for you!

Breastfeeding mini sessions $150+tax

Includes: a 30 minute in-home session, and 5 digital images with a print release.

The whole gallery of images can be bought after your session for $100+tax.

These sessions focus on mama and baby, but other immediate family members are welcome to be in photos too.

Backyard Summer Session

Backyard chalk- summer sessionA classic Florida summer, playing in the backyard with your siblings. Having fun with chalk, eating popsicles, and playing on a slip-n-slide! These times spent together with your family are where treasured memories are made.

A documentary photo session is for you as a parent, yes, but they are also for your kids. These sessions give your children photographs to look back on that show what their childhood was really like. There is nothing wrong with getting dressed up and taking a pretty portrait, but those photographs don’t show your day to day, real, honest life. They don’t show how your kids use to act, or the silly things they use to do, like making “clay” out of chalk, or coloring their doll with so much chalk that the water they were sitting in turned purple. These photographs give them a true glimpse into what their lives use to look like. They bring up precious memories, and they bring up good conversation reminiscing on the past.

Don’t wait until your lives are more put together, or you move into a bigger house. No, your family is not too crazy, or too boring.  I believe every person is inherently interesting, and valuable, and has a story to tell.  Would you give me the honor of telling your family’s story through a documentary photo session?  We all know that kids grow up fast, so don’t wait, book your summer session today by contacting me Here

PopsiclesMother and sonBubble- summer sessionBlowing bubblesChalkGetting DressedBackyard PlaySibling LoveSmell it!Go mom!PurpleMomDon't do it

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Portrait- Maternity PhotographyI’m thankful I had the opportunity to drive up to Jacksonville to visit my in-laws, and photograph my sister-in-law’s baby shower last year. It was filled with play dough babies, presents, and lots of love.
It's a girl- Jacksonville Baby ShowerBaby Shower FunOpening PresentsKids at baby showerDaddy's New BossPlay dough

Nursing Session

“I breastfed my first baby for 19 months, my second for 2.5 years, and my third for two months and going strong. My first two weaned on their own and I plan to follow this baby’s lead, too, in terms of how long we go. All three of my babies had medical issues at birth that made breastfeeding a big challenge in the beginning but once we got the hang of it, it was wonderful. I’ve been lucky to have a very supportive husband and family and colleagues when I was working full time. I’ve nursed (and pumped) in lots of different places and situations and have never had any negative reactions. I used a cover in public for probably the first three months with my first baby, but never after that because it’s cumbersome and uncomfortable. Breastfeeding has been about much more than nutrition for us: my babies nurse for food, for comfort, for reassurance, and to fall asleep. I’m incredibly grateful to have been able to breastfeed my kids.”



Breastfeeding a Three Week Old.

“My baby Josiah is 3 weeks old and my experience with breastfeeding isn’t nearly as black and white as I thought it would be. No one explain to me how painful and frustrating learning how to breastfeed an infant was going to be. Everyone always said “it is be a rewarding experience” completely leaving out the pain that I never thought my nipples would ever experience and the exhaustion of someone pulling on a sensitive body part, that already hurts for 15 minutes every 2 hours. To give you an idea, go give yourself road rash and then rub the road rash for 15 minutes every 2 hours for the foreseeable future. I’ve had lots of friends who are mothers that tell me often the pain does go away, but at 3 weeks we don’t have that luxury. That being said I wouldn’t change it for the world my baby’s health is more important to me than any limb of my body. Getting to be his mother is the best feeling in the world.

Breastfeeding in public is something that has gotten a lot of attention in the media. And as a mother who is solely breastfeeding, being in public and having someone come up to me and try to publicly shame my for feeding my child is despicable. My baby’s health and happiness is worth more to me than a stranger’s opinion or comfort. Because If I’m feeding my child in public it’s for his sake, not mine. I’m not doing it for personal gain, if anything in this experience I’ve lost my own comfort, time and sleep. If I’m breastfeeding in public, I’ve probably only slept two to three hours total for the last couple weeks. My nipples are in pain, my body is exhausted and I have a crying baby. The last thing I need is a stranger try to make me feel shame of the most natural thing on the planet. To those people out there who think it’s gross and I should be ashamed of myself…. Where would you be toady to have this opinion if when you were an infant no one fed you? My son is my heart walking outside of my body. I never truly understood what God meant by His unconditional love for me, until I held my son in my arms and had to love him without condition. Including breastfeeding.


Why Documentary Family Photography is so important.

“Although we’ve been led to believe that our fondest memories are made in the grand occasions of life, in reality, they happen when we pause in the ordinary, mundane moments of a busy day. The most meaningful life experiences don’t happen in the “when,” they happen in the “now.” This concept is not earth shattering, nor is it something you don’t already know. Yet we still continually put off the best aspects of living until the conditions are right.” – Rachel Macy Stafford ( Hands Free Life)

This quote really speaks to me because it is so true, and it applies to my vision as a photographer so much.  Yes wedding, and birthday photographs are important,and should absolutely be captured, but what about the rest of your life? Aren’t the days spent at home with your kids important too? What about the cuddles, and the laughter, that princess or superhero outfit your kid won’t take off?  My goal is to reveal to each family how important their day to day lives are. I want them to see the beauty in the mundane moments, and the chaos of raising kids.

Real life is messy, and lacks perfection, but isn’t that what makes it great? When you look back in 20 years when your kids are all grown, what are you going to want to remember? I want you to be able to look back and remember what made your children unique. I want your children to be able to look back and remember what it was like growing up, and to see how much they were loved by their family.

I invite you to be brave. Let me capture these everyday moments for your family! They are so special, no matter how crazy, imperfect, or boring they may seem to you. Your kids are only this age for so long! Don’t put it off any longer!  Even if your hesitant, message me here, we can set up a meeting, and talk over all your concerns. I will walk through everything with you, and we will do whatever works best for your family!  I take pride in getting to know each family I have the honor of photographing. My #1 goal is to create images that your family will cherish forever.

Great GrandmaA Day in the LifeDocumentary family photography Day in the Life-49Florida Heat- Documentary Family photographyGran-mommy Documentary Family PhotographyDresdners-34Documentary Family Photography