“Breastfeeding didn’t come easy to me. While pregnant, we made the decision to breastfeed our baby after attending a community child birth class despite both my husband and I coming from families that never did breastfeed. I didn’t do much preparing during the pregnancy because I was very focused on the birth. Thankfully I knew that if something did come up, that I could contact my local WIC office that provided free breastfeeding support to their clients. My baby boy was born and breastfeeding was hard and painful. I reached out to my WIC office and they provided me with the support of 2 wonderful women. One was a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and the other was a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and La Leche League Leader. Through them I found out my baby was tongue tied and that was the main source of my pain. With their support, I was able to overcome many obstacles in breastfeeding (I experienced quite a bit). They provided me the support when at times I wanted to give up. Through the many challenges I faced, I was able to do my own research and learned so much about breastfeeding. I started attending La Leche League (a worldwide non-profit support group for pregnant and breastfeeding moms) meetings and was able to connect and meet mothers going through the same journey as I was. By the time my first son self-weaned at 22 months (I once thought I would be lucky to reach 6 months!) I found myself being very passionate about breastfeeding and supporting other mothers that were going through the same challenges I faced. I wanted to “pay it forward” and give back the help I was given. A lot of the success in breastfeeding is the support the mother has around her. I volunteered as a WIC Peer Counselor after completing a training program and then later on became a La Leche League leader myself!

I recently had my second baby boy about 5 months ago. I experienced some difficulty breastfeeding him as well but this time I had the knowledge and support to help me through the bumps along the way. I love feeding my baby and the bond we have because of it. We nurse wherever my baby needs it. We’ve nursed at the park, church, the store, restaurants, and more! I love being able to normalize breastfeeding. It’s how babies have eaten since the beginning of humanity! I have been a La Leche League Leader for 2 years now and love to support and empower women to breastfeed their babies.”